Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Selections

A P&O ship departs one evening. The photo turned out better than I thought it would.

Unless a bird accidentally drop laid a few eggs on the rooftop of the building next door, then someone in our building has been throwing eggs at the satellite dish. Guess party. Guess alcohol.

This is only a scale model of our iconic Flinders Street Station, set up as part of the Myer Christmas Window animated display.

The large telecommunications company Telstra is taking a very long time to renovate its huge shop. It has been closed for months, but this muriel adds something to the blankness of the wall.

The connection between a sheep and a chemist? Ewe tell me and we will both know.

While at times we would like to replace our lounge room furniture, we can never find a square coffee table as practical as this one. On the far side it is the same, a shelf and a drawer.

On this side is this stuffs.

And on the far window side is this stuffs. Well, can you imagine my surprise when I went to find a photo dvd and things has been reversed. DVDs and stuffs were on the window side and the burner stuffs were on the inside side. I was confused. Had the drawers been changed over or the whole unit turned around? Household Management was out but I later sought an explanation. A couple of days later actually as I forgot about it until the next time I opened the drawer. It seems the blank side that faces the chairs had a mark, so he turned the unit around and the mark now faces the tv, unseen by most.

Walking candy canes.

I think this would be sandstone, widely used in other Australian capital cities but not in Melbourne. We mostly use bluestone, a nice dark grey which suits the character of our city, a city where many people wear black. Go on, call us Bleak City if you will. We like it that way.

I thought one of these cars was my lift home, but they went straight past me.

I think these are all Asian students lining one of the walkways to the QV shopping centre. They look set to be there overnight or had been their overnight. Why?

AFL football grand final eve. We were in town with Little Jo. At Fed Square we saw this live tv broadcast happening. The red head is a high flyer in Geelong town and in media, Cameron Ling,  someone who I would be instantly prepared to dislike, but he seems like a really nice bloke. They were also up on the large Fed Square screen.

Mother is down to feeding three stray cats, thank god. I hope they are non breeding. While feeding stray cats was my late step father's thing, Mother kept them on in his memory and it was very problematic at times. Mother has rejected the one cat that really wanted to be an indoors cat and tried every which way to become a pet, to no avail. The cats are spoilt with top quality cat food and cat milk, twice daily. Mother says it is the reason she gets out of bed. I bet Strayer has heard all that before. The cats have become tamer as time has gone on. There was a time when if any strange person visited, they would all run to under the house and I could never have taken this photo.

Over the past few years I have tried to understand the internet currency Bitcoin. It is not backed up by a real currency. It has no value at any bank, yet can be spent. Your computer can generate Bitcoin, so make yourself rich in a rather odd currency. Please don't try to explain it to me. Like soccer's off side rule and golf scoring, I just don't want to know.

North Road Beach was a place of my childhood, but the beach has gone. It is now car parking, a beach wall and a restaurant/cafe. We were in the middle of a pleasant brunch and then had to quickly move to sheltered outdoor seating when a shower of rain arrived.

It is a nice spot. The cafe is a little on the expensive side, but we are in the posh area of Brighton. The staff were good.

Tea tree, tortured and twisted by wind, except it is not in a very windy spot. Learned behaviour, my friends.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The camera fix

I didn't do it, did I? I didn't alter the settings. I saw something on the rocker button that I had not noticed before. By pressing it, I was directly led to brightness exposure number settings. Oh, as well there are vivid settings and other settings. The exposure setting was on -0.3. No wonder so many of my photos are so dark. How could I have not noticed these settings before? 

Stupid old men dealing with tech stuffs.

Silly old uncle

I don't remember teasing Sister when we were kids. Perhaps it's because our age gap is so great, ten years. Little Jo is her mother reincarnated and while I do try not to do it too much, I do tease her. Actually at times I do tease Sister now, and like her daughter, she always bites.

The thing is that Little Jo is so pedantic, and while she is incredibly smart, she doesn't get humour terribly well.

Maybe it is more a dad joke problem.

I did once make her laugh when I sang Humpty Dumpty and slowly pushed an Easter Egg off the bench when Humpty had a big fall. Of course the egg smashed within the foil. Sister said, see Andrew can be funny at times.

Little Jo, did you see Nanny in Packing Ham.

Andrew, Nanny lives in Pakenham.

There used to be a factory there where ham was packed. Isn't it called Packing Ham?

This is a post going nowhere because Little Jo immediately tuned back the 'screen' and ignored her silly old uncle.

It is interesting to note though, while she is completely tuned out to conversation when she is absorbed by screens, she does hear anything relevant to herself.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Hardy and Laurel

Pure slapstick but so funny. I used to laugh so hard at them. It is said that if in your old age you develop a liking for macabre or slapstick humour, you may be prone to alzheimer's disease. I am safe then, as I have always liked both.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Highriser busts a drug ring

Me? Prone to exaggeration? Maybe.

A place I often go to for coffee in town has free newspapers to read. I go there because I like to sit outside, the coffee is good and only $3, the staff nice and it is a great place to perve on hot guys people watch.

The first time I noticed some red biro markings in the paper I was flicking through, I gave it no further thought and forgot about it. The second time, I wondered what the markings were all about, remembering I had seen them before. The third time, I suspected there is a message to someone who later reads the same paper. I don't know what though. Given there is usually three copies of the same paper, how would someone who was reading know which paper was marked?

Here we have $4 and ice marked.

This page, six.

This one, to.

Birdie, and, The model.

This one, complex.

Am I on the right path here?

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

National emergency? Belgians respond to terror raids with cats

The Gaurdian reports that people of Brussels were requested not to tweet about security operations should they observe anything happening. The good burghers of Brussels obliged and instead posted cat photos.

There are some great photos in the article. Go here to The Guardian to take a look.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Merri Creek walk 3

This leg of the walk is not off to a good start. What an ugly building. I took the number 8 tram to Moreland Road and followed a not unattractive lad down the Moreland Road hill to the Merri Creek.

Is that a cheetah or a leopard. Because it looks so fast, I will go for cheetah.

As I stopped to take photos, the lad got away from me. Lucky him. Now, what is with this steel pole? Steel poles are only found on tram routes, or where trams once ran, but sometimes where tramway electricity had to be carried from one area to another, and that is no doubt why there are steel poles lining the road, carrying the electric to the route 11 tram wires perhaps.

Here we go, about to enter the trail.

Ugly housing. Are these housing commission?

I doubt these are housing commission but they too are cheap and ugly.

Vegetation Management Works is an easily decipherable code for cutting down or cutting back trees.

Oi, is this path on public land or not? I like the way the Brits are very protective of their public land and rights of way.

Ah, something gold and glittery in the distance.

The Brunswick Velodrome. Are there any other velodromes remaining?

There'd be a mosque church glittering in the sunlight.

What is this? It only made sense from another angle. It looks like a piece of concrete has been rolled out. Why didn't I take a photo from the proper angle? Who knows.

I zoomed a bit too much here. In the bushland was a couch and table set up.

I would like public shaming of vandals. Put them in the stocks. Speaking of which, remember that American lad who was punished by being caned in Singapore for vandalism in the 90s? He subsequently committed many minor crimes and had substance abuse issues, once rumoured to be seen working at Universal Studios theme park where he operated a tram ride another working at Caesars Casino and yet another that he had become a Pastor and even another that he had burnt down a cafe and people were killed and he was punished by being hung.

Pretty good mosque church, hey what. It even looks like a Russian church. How could I have been so dumb.

 I believe this is a chestnut teal duck.

I am now at the rear of CERES, Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies. You can read about our 2008 visit here.

High road or low road? I took the low road.

It is nice to hear the water jostling over the rocks as well as watching it flow.

That is the high road, not so memorable.

What should we throw at the vandals locked into the stocks? Rotten tomatoes? I could not really read it but it explained a bit about a nearby litter trap in the creek.

The litter trap hoist had its times of operation posted, presumably so the public can witness human wastefulness and littering.

The Merri Creek flooding is a regular event, but in 1974 its waters rose enough to flood houses and factories, which probably should not have been built on the flood plain.

Curious plant  breeding.

Still near the litter trap is old rock work. I am not sure why it is there.

The only part of the creek I saw with a formed stone bank.

Mother and her two children getting a dose of nature in a rather lonely spot.

It was once said, give me a lever and I will move the world. I say, give me an arch I will build a bridge over the world and the world won't have to be moved.

JSC? Junior Soccer Club?

Another chestnut teal duck and his less colourful missus. There were ducklings but as I went closer, the ducklings disappeared into some rushes.

The path I am on is not much higher than the creek here, and you can see that quite recently the creek has flooded enough for water to run from the creek onto the path.

Signs of life.

Oh, my feet are getting sore. There's a tram. But it is up there and I am down here. I am quite disoriented as I don't have a clue what the road is or the route number of the tram.

I pressed on.

I think this is a bird box rather than one for possums as the pipe used for the entry is some distance from the tree.

End? No no, the path shouldn't end here. I was forced up onto the streets.

Where on earth am I? St George's Road, North Fitzroy, it seems.

You can tell you are in the inner northern suburbs because they are great activists.

I wonder if these houses would each sell for a million dollars? Probably close to that.

There's the railway line and Rushall Station is close by. I can hear the whistle of a departing train. Under the bridge I went.

I paused at this public art work.

Oh, I have reached a dead end. The train is up on the embankment and the station is so close but I have to backtrack some distance to get across the railway line.

I had only a few minutes to wait for the train and I was quickly back in town. I had forgotten my camera but I did bring along my old camera to size a post bag for it before the camera made its trans Pacific journey to Oregon. I am not unhappy with the quality of the photos using the old camera. I am not so happy with the photos in the new camera. I really must fiddle with it more.