Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Paul McDermott

Paul McDermott was once a member of the musical comedy group, The Doug Anthony Allstars. The name is very local. Doug Anthony was a politician and the longtime leader of the Australian Country Party The National Party.

Paul now hosts a quiz show on our ABC TV. I quite like the the quiz show, but what on earth has happened to Paul? Paul is very talented. There is no doubt about that.

I was once in a tram in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, returning home after getting my hair cut. Paul got on the tram and I thought to myself, gee, you are hotter looking in real life than on tv. It was partly his understated yet perfect dress, and he moved with grace. Maybe that is what really attracts me to some people, that they move gracefully. And that is not about being a fat or thin person. Many large people move with grace. Many thin people don't. There are no rules.

Anyway, clearly I like Paul. Whether he himself or the ABC decided on how he dressed for this quiz show is a moot point. I don't mind that he now has grey hair. I don't mind that he is older, but the absurd beard and how he dresses for the quiz show really turns me off him.

C'mon Paul. You were once a sexy guy. I can see remains of that now that you are bit older. Why hide it with your absurd beard and silly clothing?

Monday, March 19, 2018


I have updated the Sammy J post with a little I heard on guns in the US on radio this evening. Easy to go back and read the single paragraph update, and perhaps it gives us all hope.

Monday Mural

Remember this ginormous mural I showed you last year, about five or six building storeys tall? I came across another by the same artist and I do not understand it at all. Fire Fighting Nephew once worked at the backpacker bar and accommodation place in St Kilda known as XBase, the location of this mural.

As you can see by the hot guy people in the photo, it is also a very large mural. What to make of it? Backpackers often work on the land in Australia to earn money. I really don't know. I wonder what Big Willey's Bingo is like? It does sound ever so English backpacker, a double entendre, ah la Dick Emery. 

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Tosser Trumpet does nothing

I heard or read this somewhere, and I suppose it is true.

"Another day of oppressive gun control in Australia has ended peacefully."

Please Federal Minister Dutton, do not at relax any of our gun laws. If anything, make them tighter.

Although since the tougher laws were enacted, we still have people with guns shooting people, but at least they are mostly criminals shooting criminals. The last large gun massacre of innocent people in Australia was in 1996. Then PM Howard enacted some very restrictive gun laws and while I have little to thank him for, I do thank him for that. A shooting of a non criminal type here is rare and is big news if it happens.

At five minutes to seven Thursday nights before the news on ABC TV, there was a satirical segment by the late John Clarke and Stephen Dawe. I did put up one or two of them some time ago. As the brilliant John Clarke is the late, eventually a replacement programme has been developed, presented by comedian Sammy J.

I publish this in support of the huge number of people in the US, especially the young, who are out in the streets protesting about gun control in the US. Farmers may need guns. Security people may need guns. Police may need guns, but your average citizen of the US does not. Take them away from the people. I know many of you, well I don't have too many American readers, no surprise, but many of you don't like an armed country either. So, truly, this is just for support. I am not 'having a go', but Sammy certainly is. 3:38

Later edit: Have faith people. I listened to an so called 'expert' in the US on control and he sees the time where things will change. Those who are members of the NRA and those who support extremely free and lax gun laws are predominantly older white males. Young people generally are not supporters of the way things now are, and nor are the many immigrants in the US who see themselves as wrongly being those who threaten the safety of the older white males. Add to that the paranoia of the older white men that the government is coming to get them and they need a store of guns, survival food etc, well the expert suggests time will solve the US gun problem. We can only hope so.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Sad Saturday

The first one is perhaps not as bad as it seems. It looks like Autumn and everything is covered with dead leaves. The jetty seems to have gone.

Hear the noise and laughter at the pool?