Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day 12 Canada, 02/07, To Victoria

From Whistler we travelled to Victoria on Vancouver Island, Victoria being the capital city of the province of British Columbia.

The view from Tantalus Lookout, probably our last view of snow capped mountains.

Horseshoe Bay, from the coach.

Here we are at the ferry port of Horseshoe Bay on the mainland to travel to Nanaimo. We had departed Whistler early to ensure our coach arrived on time for its booked passage.

Our ferry arrives and quickly unloads its passengers, cars, buses etc. Horseshoe Bay is a major ferry port servicing several other destinations, but our ferry was the busiest.

Walking the dogs on the ferry. We arrived at Nanaimo and were quickly on our way in the Prevost.

We stopped off for lunch at the lovely town of Chemainus.

There were so many murals, I gave up photographing them all. Here are a few.

We arrived in Victoria and we were driven around to get our bearings, and to kill time for the 4pm hotel check in.

The hotel was not as we expected. Our 'room' was a huge two bedroom apartment,  with an en suite and bathroom, a fully fitted kitchen with everything you would need to live there permanently. To our astonishment, the quite modern building did not have air conditioning with only a small portable fan in the lounge room. Again we baked in heat and kept windows open at night to cool the place, without much success. We made good use of the washing machine/dryer.

The hotel public areas were very nice.

We set out with T & B to find a hotel for a meal. We were soon in the main area and studying a map when a woman asked if she could help us. T & B told her what we were looking for and she said, follow me, and off she set at a good pace and brought us to this bar, which we had heard people talk about. She seemed to know the owner and we settled down for a drink and it was one of those peanut bars, where free nuts are available for customers and the shells end up on the floor.

You can't really see it in this photo but at some point this large toy spider dropped down from above onto our table. It was implausibly large so I don't recall us being too alarmed. The spider was controlled from behind the bar by strings and pulleys. The booth next to us had a plucked rubber chicken drop onto their table.

Anyway, the bar was fine for a drink but not really a place to eat, so just along the street was a proper restaurant, Earls I think, so another round of drinks and rooftop dining.

We trooped back to our hotel and after a drink in our cavernous apartment with T & B, we tried to sleep, in spite of the heat. This building was near where we dined.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mocking the speaker

This rich old overgroomed politician  has been of Australia's Liberal Party, travels Australia and the world at taxpayer's expense for private travel and racks up monster bills she thinks we taxpayers should pay.

This rich old bloke of the Liberal Party who may well go on to be our Prime Minister, might rack up big bills when overseas, but his local travel requirements are modest.

I heard a tv commentator say that once a politician is mocked in the media, they are politically dead meat. Here's mocking you Bronny. Poor Bronwyn, yet her arrogance and self assurance will undoubtedly carry her on.

Day 11 Canada, 01/07, Whistler & Happy Canada Day

The town of Whistler with its central area being for pedestrians only was a very nice place to spend some time. Again we had only booked a short optional trip, a tree top walk just out of town. Various gondolas travel up the mountains and across too. Whistler really is a place of wires in the sky.

It is not just a place for snow related activities. It was just as busy in the summer, for good reasons. The dirt area is where bicycle riders come down the mountain side.

We found that both Canada and New York deal with huge crowds very well.

Up the hill in this little bus.

We are left with our very personable and not unattractive guide, a tall and well built Asian Canadian.

A wood pecker has been busy.

At times we were a long way off the ground of the valley with very steep sides. The silence was constantly broken by the sound of people zipping on lines across the sky. It was like spider web of zip lines. It looked to be fun and if I was younger.......

This lass just became stuck with something tangled in a tree and had to be rescued by another person out on the zip line. Our guide made a phone call to alert the base.

Steps, platforms, solid and suspended walkways; we did them all. Our guide's commentary was very informative.

This growth on the tree is called Witches Hair. It will only grow where the air is almost completely free of any pollution.

We descended to a lower point, where the Winter Olympic facilities were built. This is the end of the luge. Within the structure the participants come flying down and then make a half a circle to slow them for the finish. Whistler hosted the Winter Olympics in 2010 and the town appears to have been completely rebuilt in the preceding years. There is a lot of accommodation.

You can just see our guide in the blue shirt. Some zip liners stopped to steal our paid for commentary.

I can't find details of when the land slipped into Fitzsimmons Creek below but I heard that the creek was dammed by the slide until it could be cleared and tens of thousands of salmon were trapped and died.

Bears don't always go in the woods.

It's the 1st of July and it is Canada Day. We were back in time for the midday celebration parade.

What I think is a euphonium was booming out the theme to the Australian tv kids' show, Bananas in Pyjamas. What a laugh.

After the parade we lunched with some of our fellow travellers who we came across in the parade. The wine flowed and lips were loosened.

We dined with T & B at an Irish pub. I could hear what I thought was rather good live music. Then the doors were opened and the group played to the outside as well as the inside. It was a very nice evening.

Beware of snow in a snow resort village. Really! Sister was in Whistler several years ago and appeared here in Melbourne on a commercial morning tv programme. Next stop, Victoria, Vancouver Island.