Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Yarra Walk 3 Pt 1

I took a poor distant shot of this building after the last leg of my walk. This photo is better but it is hard to get a good shot. It is either close up or distant.

It is now a cafe but once a wool scouring business, which produces filthy liquid during the process and the waste flowed straight into the river, along with the refuse from soap making and the unwanted parts of butchered carcasses along with raw sewerage. The river is much cleaner now, but far from perfect.

This house next door is now a business. I wonder if it was the home of the manager of the wool scouring business

An apartment and business complex on the Yarra where I alighted from the tram. It has the Yarra to east and north as the river makes a right angled turn.

It doesn't look too inviting, but glimpsing a water feature led me in there.

This sculpture is called 'Nuture' by Mike Nicholls.

The water flows right through the whole area down to a lower level.

Down these stairs. Note the gutter to wheel bicycles.

I liked this sculpture. It is called 'The Inspector' by Daniel Agdad. It represents the Victoria Street Rail Bridge with a track inspection machine making its way across the bridge.

From this level steps led down to the river bank. I back tracked a little as I was a couple of hundred metres short of where I finished the last leg.


Last look at the Victoria Street Bridge.

Is it a minor waterway or a drain flowing in to the river.

Could be old and adapted, but I am doubtful. The bluestone of the base was widely used in Melbourne, especially as foundations, but also paving our laneways.

It is all quite well looked after.

Our Eucalypts or gum trees have odd growth habits at times.

I have reached the Walmer Street pedestrian bridge

What? The path ends here? The open path led to a ramp up to street level. Using my phone I looked at where I could rejoin the the path, but gave up and caught the tram along Victoria Street for lunch at a cafe we frequent at times. 

I thought you would like a final photo of our sparkling blue Yarra River. The colour comes mostly from sediment that the river carries down from its catchment.

Korean, I assume dear Watson.

I like speed and trams don't do if for me. Trains are a bit better, so I caught a train back to town.  I thought this under the railway bridge was interesting. In the 70s and 80s, many Vietnamese refugees settled in Richmond. Walking along Victoria Street is almost like being in Vietnam, with the many shops to service the community. It is also a popular dining strip for those who like Asian food, although it has fallen in popularity because of the open drug dealing. This is the Dong Son Drum, a three thousand year old Vietnamese symbol of power.

Part 2 of this last leg of the walk had too many photos, so it will be part 2 and then a part 3.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Queens of communication

No, that is not me, but it could well be. There are various ways I can contact friends and family, telephone, SMS, Face Book message, email and Tweeting. The younguns don't do email but SMS and FB works for them, or even a phone call. ABI Brother is phone call only, as is Mother, although I have sent an SMS message to her landline a couple of times which was read out to her by dismembered voice. Tradie Brother is very slowly become a bit tech. He can read SMS, just not reply to them and he does FB on his phone, but not very actively.

Like family, friends are similar and there are various ways to communicate with them. Funnily we mostly communicate with Brighton Antique Dealer who is 81 years old using SMS.

I have various ways to communicate with blogmates in private, depending mostly on them and their preferred communication. Email is probably my preferred means, but SMS is ok too but that is usually if I am meeting them.

But there are two queens of communication in my life who I communicate with via all means. Take a bow Fen and Victor. Email, SMS, Twitter and Facebook, they are there, along with blog commenting too. A few others are close seconds.

Transport Tuesday

In the Gardiner area of the suburb Glen Iris great work has been done, with a train line lowered into a cutting and a new station built. There are steps and lifts at the end of the platform where I am and ramps at the far end, and I would assume some way of getting across the line there too.

With trains running in both directions every ten to fifteen minutes, the crossing caused very nasty traffic snarls in both directions in Burke Road and Malvern Road. While the removal of the crossing has improved the situation, it has partly moved the jammed up traffic to other parts of Burke Road.

The old signal box was stripped and moved and now has open bicycle parking underneath. The signaller controlled the movement of trams and trains through the crossing. In my earlier days I remember him winding a big wheel a little like a ship's steering wheel when opening or closing the gates. Cables connected to levers also operated sets of points to derail any runaway trams that might collide with a train, the pedestrian gates and traffic lights were also controlled from the box. In later days boom barriers replaced the gates, steel pedestrian gates and all were converted to electric operation.

The station is ultra modern and how to say it kindly, functional.

What the??? A bit of whimsy?

Useless and purposeless and a delightful thing to be there. Note the couple of levers as would have been used in the signal box.

About where the pedestrian line marking crosses the road was where the train tracks crossed the road. About where this garden bed is would be where the signal box was.

There is some colour.

This is another bicycle parking area. I meant to check if it was secure or not, but I forgot. That is two bike storage areas, but no bikes in them.

Up the top of the hill at right angles to Burke Road is Malvern Road.

Were the beds built to contain the access to the communication system?

It is amazing how complex the workings of a lift can be to only travel one level.

I am not keen on climbing stairs and would use a ramp if there was one. Instead I used the lift.

Strange signage on the fence on the way home. I also noticed many new signals on stands are being installed along the line. Unlike the old ones that had a ladder built into them for maintenance, these ones pivot in the centre so the top can be lowered to the ground. When I saw the first one covered in black plastic, I thought it was a kind of counterweight.

I think this is called troughing and contains cables I suppose for communication and signalling. There was a time when it was in a terrible condition with missing and broken metal and exposed cables. While we were assured it was safe, it is all about perception, and I perceive this looks much safer than it used to.

Monday, September 26, 2016

The week that was

Kind of speakies now in The Highrise, but I am suffering from malnutrition, having no dinner cooked for me for over a week. I did cook my fried rice one night but the offer of my cooking effort was declined by my co-habitor.

Bad swear words were directed at me tonight and that is part of the healing process. I've been through this a once or thrice and I know once the bad words, the swearing, the horribleness is over, we will heal. Relationships can be difficult at time and if you ask R, I am far from blameless. Naturally that is not my opinion. R gets quite stressed about things, often enough to do with my family....or me.

The past week flew past though and I took a few outings on my own of which you will hear about. Thursday was of course Mother's Day and to my surprise, R did come with me. Mother was her usual impossible self.

Saturday afternoon was a trip down the Mornington Peninsula  for a family party for Fire Fighting Niece's birthday. I think it turned into a party for her friends that evening.

We could have stayed longer but it was our Dyke Friend's birthday dinner at a local hotel. We were home for ten minutes then off again to collect Brighton Antique Dealer from Balaclava Station to transport her to The Dick.

It was a nice meal and a great catch up with friends, including Manny from Malaysia whose coffee business is booming. He imports coffee, coffee making machines, trains people in coffee making and his business in Kuala Lumpur turned over US$3 million last year. I never realised how rich he is. He is a handsome and likable guy with a nice deep voice and the gift of the gab and his spoken English is good. He accidentally paid either AU$300 or €300 for a special glass of Scotch whiskey when he was in Dublin. He saw three musicals in London while staying at the Intercontinental in Park Lane with Hyde Park just outside his window, and stayed in Paris where he had a great view of Eiffel Tower. All business related expenses of course, and as in Australia, in Malaysia the costs will be a business tax deduction. This was just before he took his forty odd staff to Phuket for a weekend of fun and frivolity. Look out Melbourne coffee institutions. Manny has his sights set on Melbourne, a city he loves, especially for its weather!

Sunday was a rest day, with only a quick trip into town to buy a new electric carving knife (ha, one day there will be a roast again) to use up a $20 credit and have a bite to eat. Housework was done on Monday, with just a late lunch at a local cafe and wow, R made me baked beans on toast tonight. I am hungering for lamb chops. Maybe tomorrow. I might ask.

Meanwhile, much planning is going in to our campervan holiday. The 9:39 train to Tottenham Station better be on time. Vegemite, pepper grinder, extra towels, cereal, medication, wine, beer, Scotch, maps, nail clippers, eyebrow pencil and tweezers. The Camper Mate phone app is brilliant. It tells where we can get free wifi, where to fill our gas bottle and where we can dump the contents of our toilet canister, along with maps and accommodation and much more. It is crowd sourced and I notice anything is wrong or have extra information to add, I will do so.

There seems to be many reasons given as to why it will be 'impracticable' to stay at Sister's on The Bellarine. Bushes will need to cut back, (we don't have to park inside), Bone Doctor and Little Jo are going to BD's father's birthday lunch (we won't arrive until about 3pm). Why would you want to spend $80 on the ferry across the bay (our choice). BD and Little Jo can call in to your place for Little Jo to see your campervan. OK Sister we can take a hint. R is very angry about this and even the more tolerant me is rather annoyed and mystified. We won't go down th way again until we are invited.  We will call into Mother's on the way to show her the van and then stay somewhere near Phillip Island for the night.

Wish I had thought of it #157

Who would have thought if you designed a jacket to make people look like Michelin Man, that you would make a world wide financial killing.

But then who had the bright idea to invent a telephone that you carry around all with you all the time.