Saturday, May 26, 2018

Saturday night

Saturday night has changed from the days when I refused to ever stay home on a Saturday night. The night usually concluded with some 'fun' together. Hey hey, it is Saturday night, nookie night. Not soured by thoughts of going to church on Sunday, I always work up the next morning with a happy self satisfied relaxed smile on my face. Saturday night is now a night for good and/or repeat British tv shows, and scotch, checking Tattslotto to see if we are suddenly rich, and scotch, writing inspired blog posts and scotch, thoughts and headlines for future blogging, and scotch, and planning Sunday, and scotch.

Oh, I will finish this later. My new and ever so interesting Russian oligarch friend in London with impeccable taste in home furnishings is messaging me on my tablet. His offer of an airfare is generous, but I know how disappointed he would be. I will just stay here with R.

Is nyet the Russian word for no? I foolishly learnt the Russian word for yes first.


I see Doppler wind

This is the rain radar and then there is the doppler wind radar. Added to how air conditioning extracts heat from the outside when it is cold (like it is colder outside than inside) and pumps heat into our apartment, doppler wind will remain not understood by me. BOM's message makes me feel a bit a better about myself.

From BOM, Bureau of Meteorology.

It should be stated at the outset that, unlike the normal radar images that show reflectivity (a parameter related to rainfall intensity), which are generally easy for the layman to interpret, the Doppler wind data can be quite difficult to understand.

I haz'd been warned.

It's all my fault

This was a long post, all personal stuff and about family and it was obliterated for some reason. I am not the swearing type and I only save swear words for when I am really really cross as patch. Fuck!! I blame the European law thingie about privacy that just popped up for the first time.  I might have something prepared for later in the day.

In brief, Mother is in hospital as was her intent. Sister is Townsville visiting Bone Doctor's grandmother, Mother's phone is broken and had moved in ABI Brother's place. R and myself argued badly earlier this week. We went out with friends for dinner on the Royal Wedding night, our third dinner out this year. We are missing our friend who organised such things.  Little Jo is on school camp at Somers and has won an art prize for a pencil sketch of a children's book author. Hippie Niece is not doing well, and R was called on to assist with the twins, who are so so heavy and one does majestic projectile vomiting. One is walking. Work has turned from bad to worse. I am only joking but where is the wrist slashing carving knife?

Friday, May 25, 2018

Ahoy me hearty

It seems by the number of Youtube videos, ship anchors go bad quite often. It seems there is a drum braking mechanism that is prone to failure. I wonder if retired Royal Naval shipman known as Vest experienced anchor failure? Ship anchors have never been a fascination for me, but it is interesting to learn about what happens that ship passengers never see. After three minutes of extensive research on Youtube, this is the best I could find. I think the quite expensive chain has gone to Davy Jones' Locker.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Driving me mad

Facebook has a setting to see most recent posts, but it will never come on by default. You always have to switch to the setting. I can almost deal with that but it is not how I would like FB to be, that is always newest posts first. Apparently FB judges what you should see by algorithms. Algorithms sound like scary stuffs, built to control what we see.

I love Gmail on my desktop, but not on my phone and tablet. In desktop mode you can turn off the silly and unreliable groupings of conversations that Gmail does on phones and tablets, which you cannot turn off. I hate grouped conversations. Again, I just want emails to arrive in order of when they are sent. I am guessing it is again about algorithms.

Twitter was once so simple, but it has gone down the same path and shows you what it thinks you want to see, and it is nearly always wrong. I just want to see Tweets in the order of their arrival. Is that so wrong or so hard? Algorithms at work? Algorithms that don't work well for my purpose.

Now Instagram has gone down the same path. I hate it.

Apparently I am the product, not the customer, so I have no say in this but it really is rubbish and not something I would ever pay for, and I would feel negativity to any company whose ads I saw on such sites.

Screw the algorithms and phewy on the lot of them.